A good small talk starter is to talk about the weather so we are always looking for the right weather word. The weather affects our everyday life. Do you need to bring an umbrella today? Or can you wear shorts or a dress? It’s all up to how hot or cold it is outside.


If you’re starting your English lessons, a good place to start is with conversation about the weather small talk. Read on for some weather words and phrases you might not know!




Sweltering is another word for ‘hot’. It’s used when the weather is very, very hot. It’s the kind of heat where you’re sweating as soon as you walk outside.


While it’s not fun to work when it’s sweltering, it’s the perfect weather to go to the beach! Get your sunglasses, make sure to put some sunscreen on, and relax by the waves.




Blustery autumn days are my favorite. A blustery day (can you pronounce this weather word?) is when the wind is blowing very hard. On a blustery day, it’s usually nice to be inside- that way your hair doesn’t get messed up!)


Blustery days can be sunny or cloudy. However, they’re usually colder days, so make sure you’re wrapped up tight with warm clothes!




While dull can be used to describe a person, it can also be used to describe the weather.


A dull day is very cloudy. The sky is grey and it may be raining (though not much). The weather isn’t very exciting on these days. There aren’t big storms and it isn’t sunny. A dull day may make you want to stay in bed all day, so snuggle up with a good book!




Mild days are usually in spring and fall. They’re not too hot or too cold and it isn’t raining. They’re pretty much the perfect days. What a great weather word, if you have a good opportunity to use it!


When it’s mild out, you will probably need a light jacket. It may even be one of the first days you can sit outside in the spring. Enjoy the mild days before the summer or winter! We certainly miss them when they’re gone.




I experience a lot of drizzly weather in Hamburg. When it’s drizzly, it’s raining, however, it is a very light rain.


I don’t like it when it drizzles because you’re never dry or completely wet. Your clothes are always damp, but it doesn’t seem like enough to carry an umbrella. I hope there aren’t many drizzly days where you live!




Sometimes it can be humid when it’s sweltering. It can also be humid when the weather is milder. Humid is when the air is very damp and sticky.


Humidity can be uncomfortable because it makes you feel sweatier, even when it’s not very hot out. Now that summer is here, get ready for more humid days!




I love a good deluge. A deluge can either be a flood (which I don’t like) or very heavy rain (which I do like).


In some areas, a deluge of rain can cause mudslides or flash floods, so be careful when you’re out and about. Otherwise, just enjoy the storm!




What’s the weather like where you live? Do you have any other weather words you like to use? Share with us in the comments below!



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Erin Duffin lives in Hamburg, is an English teacher,  yoga instructor, and loves the days she can snuggle up with a book either outside when the weather is mild or at home because it’s raining cats and dogs!