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Ways to Eat Eggs in English – Easy English


Eggs are a breakfast staple (standard). I love having (eating) eggs at any time of day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are so tasty (yummy, delicious) and can be cooked in many different ways. However, if you're learning English, you may not know how to order eggs in a restaurant. Ways to eat eggs in English is something you may not learn in a regular English class! Bespeaking is here to help. Check out (read, look at) these different ways to eat eggs in English. Then let us know how you prefer (like) to eat your eggs! Scrambled Do you [...]

Ways to Eat Eggs in English – Easy English2021-01-07T12:20:43+01:00

Common Abbreviations in English


In this busy day and age (current time), there are so many expectations on our time and so many (more) things we want to do, that we take shortcuts (use a shorter/easier way) all over the place. Think about it: emails are getting shorter, text messages are bare bones (almost nothing), and sending a picture is faster than explaining a situation sometimes. We just don't have the time we need anymore...even when we speak! (How lazy can we be??) Learning common abbreviations in English can take your language fluency to a whole new level. You don't want to use these [...]

Common Abbreviations in English2021-03-07T23:22:01+01:00

Latin Words Used in English


I was the worst Latin student of all time (ever). I took one year of Latin when I was in 7th grade, hoping it would help me later in college when I studied English. It might have benefited (helped) me more, however, if I had decided to go into the medical field, but I still think it's fun to find Latin words used in English and try to remember what they mean. As with our borrowings from French, Yiddish, and German here and here, we've gained a lot as a culture from the Ancient Romans and their language, Latin, such as [...]

Latin Words Used in English2021-02-17T18:29:30+01:00

British vs. American English Pronunciation


A friend of mine who was educated at Oxford told me once, “The difference between British vs. American English pronunciation is that British English is correct.” As an American, I feel it’s my duty to disagree. But accents and pronunciations aren’t right or wrong, just different. After the American Revolution and the two countries started to diverge (separate), Americans started doing some things differently from the English in an attempt to differentiate themselves. This is why the Americans, as an example, use their forks the way they do with the tines (the pointy parts of a fork) up, and not [...]

British vs. American English Pronunciation2021-01-21T17:26:41+01:00

9 French Words Used in English


As we all know, English is a great "catch all" language in that it is one big mish-mash of other languages, and boy oh boy, does English love taking words from French! We've already written about German loan words here and here, and last week about Yiddish.  But what about French words used in English? About 45% of English words have a French origin. 29% of those words are directly stolen from French. (This is the same percentage of words in English with Latin origin). Suffice it to say (it is sure that), French is one of the biggest influencers [...]

9 French Words Used in English2021-01-17T14:21:34+01:00
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