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Polish Loan Words in English


What's your favorite country to visit? In Europe, one of the countries I like the most is Poland. I haven't been to Poland very much, but I've always enjoyed myself when I've been there. Poland is a beautiful country with excellent food, which has given quite a few words to English! We call these borrowed words loan words, and they're a great way to help learn a language. There are quite a few Polish loan words in English, and some of them I found pretty shocking (surprising)! I had no idea that some of these common words came from Polish! [...]

Polish Loan Words in English2021-08-25T11:19:20+01:00

Italian Loan Words in English – Easy English


Italy has given a lot of different things to global culture. The food, the art, the music, and the history of Italy are all well known (famous) around the world. People love to eat at their favorite Italian restaurant on the weekends. Italian painters are some of the most famous in the world. And the Romans gave us many inventions (creations, new designs)! Since this is the case (true), it makes sense that Italian loan words are common in English. Here at Bespeaking, we love loan words and we really love Italy! We're happy to focus on one of our most [...]

Italian Loan Words in English – Easy English2021-03-31T15:42:50+01:00

Spanish Loan Words – Easy English Blog


We've talked about all sorts (many kinds) of different languages that influence (affect, have impact on) English on the Bespeaking blog (such as German, Latin, Yiddish, and French), but since Spanish loan words are such a huge contributor (giver), we've decided to cover it (write about it) twice!   Here are ten more Spanish loan words that you can use in your day-to-day life that come from Spanish. ¡Ándele!   Ten-Gallon Hat   Original: tan galán, meaning "so gallant"   Believe it or not, the name for the famous ten-gallon cowboy hat does not have anything to do with their ability [...]

Spanish Loan Words – Easy English Blog2020-12-01T11:42:31+01:00

7 Spanish Words Used in English


We've said it before, but English is truly a wonderful language because it has taken on words from many other languages. It's one of my favorite things about English, and can make it a bit easier for new learners, since they recognize some words from their mother tongues. This week we’ll tackle (work out, handle) Spanish words used in English. On the Bespeaking blog, we've covered loan words from German (here and here), as well as loan words from  French, Latin, US vs. UK words, and even Yiddish. So we figured it was about time we rolled around to (finally did something) [...]

7 Spanish Words Used in English2021-03-07T23:35:13+01:00

9 French Words Used in English


As we all know, English is a great "catch all" language in that it is one big mish-mash of other languages, and boy oh boy, does English love taking words from French! We've already written about German loan words here and here, and last week about Yiddish.  But what about French words used in English? About 45% of English words have a French origin. 29% of those words are directly stolen from French. (This is the same percentage of words in English with Latin origin). Suffice it to say (it is sure that), French is one of the biggest influencers [...]

9 French Words Used in English2021-01-17T14:21:34+01:00

10 Yiddish Words Used in English


English is a wonderful language because it can be a bit of a "catch-all" from other languages. We've written before about German loan words, and the next language we steal directly from is Yiddish. Yiddish is the language spoken by Central and Eastern European Jews and derives (comes) from Hebrew, Slavic languages, and other Germanic influences. I love Yiddish words, partly because they're so much fun to say. English borrows a bunch of words from Yiddish, so here are 10 of our favorite Yiddish words used in English: Bagel Bagels (Yiddish: beygel) are one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. [...]

10 Yiddish Words Used in English2021-01-17T13:13:46+01:00

German Loan Words Part 2


Last week here on the Bespeaking blog, we started our exploration into German loan words in English. And while we won't finish that this week (a teacher's work is never done!), we'll dive a bit deeper still. Here are five more German loan words in English. Are there any that you find surprising? Gestalt Did you ever hear the term gestalt mentioned in your psychology (the science of the mind) class in college? If you did, you have the Germans to thank for it. In German, Gestalt is a shape or a form, and this is part of what's behind [...]

German Loan Words Part 22020-11-29T16:59:10+01:00

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