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Why You Could Use a Bespeaking Proofreader


Have you ever written a text and then realized that it would be useful to have another person read it as well? This person could then give you feedback (thoughts, opinions) on what you've written, as well as look for any mistakes you may have made. If this is the case, then you may have been looking for a proofreader. A proofreader is someone who reads over texts to look for and correct mistakes as well as help people improve their writing. There are many different aspects that a proofreader can help with, and a Bespeaking proofreader is the perfect [...]

Why You Could Use a Bespeaking Proofreader2020-09-17T09:42:56+01:00

Meat Vocabulary to Know – Easy English


Do you like to eat meat? Many people enjoy eating meat, which comes from animals. There are many different kinds of meat that you can eat. To help explain the different terms (words) we use, we wrote this blog about meat vocabulary. Some of these words you might have heard before. But some may be new to you! No matter what, we're sure this meat vocabulary will be useful to you. Check out this list of helpful meat vocabulary to help you prepare (make) a delicious meal! Beef If you want some meat that comes from cows, you don't ask [...]

Meat Vocabulary to Know – Easy English2020-09-03T09:17:21+01:00

7 More English Idioms You Should Learn


Learning idioms is a great way to gain fluency when you're studying a language. Idioms are short phrases (combinations of words) that probably don't make sense on their own, but the whole phrase together provides (gives) greater meaning. Idioms are usually unique to (special to) a language, and are used often by native speakers. If you want to become fluent in a language, learning idioms is essential (necessary). With that in mind, there are several English idioms you should learn if you want to be fluent. If you loved last week's post on English idioms and were eager to know [...]

7 More English Idioms You Should Learn2020-09-27T22:43:26+01:00

7 English Idioms You Should Know


Idioms are one of the best indicators (gauge, signs) of your path to fluency in a language. It can be extremely (very) confusing when you hear an idiom for the first time, as the words seem (look like) to have nothing to do with each other at all. However, there are many English idioms you should know, because we use them all the time! Don't get stuck in language limbo (an intermediate state)! Here are 7 common English idioms you should know that you may hear in the boardroom or on the street: Bite the bullet Don't worry, this doesn't [...]

7 English Idioms You Should Know2020-09-20T22:28:00+01:00

The Joys of German Directness


One of the biggest stereotypes (standard ideas about) that Americans have about Germans is that they're very direct. And I've gotta (I have to) say, since I moved to Germany, German directness has become one of my favorite things about Germans. I think that many Americans are so used to beating around the bush (talking around a topic) and hiding behind politeness, that true directness can be seen as rude (unfriendly, not polite). But there is definitely a case (reason) for being direct and saying what you think. Here's why I love German directness, and why Americans should start taking [...]

The Joys of German Directness2020-09-20T21:48:08+01:00

5 English Conversation Starters for Small Talk


While having some English conversation starters on hand (ready for use) in the grocery store may seem like something unimportant, in reality it's a great skill to be learned…and one that should be practiced. You see, when working with Americans (at least), it's not only important that we can work with you, but that we can pass the time (hang out, talk) with you. We're interested in you and your life, and we show that through small talk. Here are some great ways you can start talking to anyone! Do You Have Anything Planned Tonight? This is super (very) common [...]

5 English Conversation Starters for Small Talk2020-09-20T21:36:55+01:00
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