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How to Buy Time in an English Conversation


Sometimes when you're having an English conversation with someone, words fail you (you don't know or you've forgotten what words to say). Once you've lost track (missed your place) in the conversation, it can be hard to start again! Sometimes you need to buy time (delay) in an English conversation. We're here to help you do just that! If you're ever in a sticky (complicated, tricky) situation when you're speaking to someone, use these phrases to help collect your thoughts. You can thank us later! :-) I'm sorry, could you repeat that, please? (ˈaɪm ˈsɑːri kəd ˈjuː rɪˈpiːt ˈðæt ˈpliːz) [...]

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Improve Your Business English Conversation Interview Skills


Looking for a new job is stressful (feeling worried or anxious) enough. All the applications you need to send, cover letters you need to write, all the selling yourself while at the same time using your English conversation interview skills... it can be quite (very) tiring. And then finally, you get a reply from a company and they want to bring you in for an interview! That's great news! However, the interview can be the most stressful part of the whole process. You have to really sell yourself, while trying to stay humble (not proud) at the same time. It's [...]

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