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Vocabulary for When Food Goes Bad – Easy English


Have you ever had food go bad? You probably have! Food going bad is a very common problem. There is certain (specific) vocabulary used for when food goes bad. Not every word describes (talks about) each kind of food. We thought it would be a good idea to talk about this. Which words do you use for which food? What do you say when food is bad? Here is some common vocabulary for when food is bad. Have you heard any of these before? Read on (keep reading) to find out more. Stale Have you ever bought cereal that has [...]

Vocabulary for When Food Goes Bad – Easy English2021-05-05T18:02:12+01:00

7 Great Holiday Phrases: Easy English Blog


Today is December 1st and that means we are in the holiday season (the time of year we celebrate lots of holidays)! Winter is here, Thanksgiving (in the US) is over, and it’s time to start decorating the house with holiday cheer! What are some holiday phrases in English that you could say to your old or new friends at this time of year? Here on our second Easy English Blog, I'll teach you! Here are some great holiday phrases to get you in the mood! If you missed last month's blog, here it is again - we wrote about [...]

7 Great Holiday Phrases: Easy English Blog2021-02-28T11:40:55+01:00

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