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Woman with light pink nails using a fountain pen on a piece of paper and proofreading.

Professional Proofreading & Correction

Bespeaking offers excellent, professional proofreading of academic and professional writing for both native and non-native English speakers. We make sure your writing comes across in a natural, native English style.


Our professional proofreading support includes:



Our hand-selected proofreaders offer proven quality support for your essays in the fields of the IB university application, academic writing, career advancement, etc.


Bespeaking is comprised of native-English speakers who are university educated and trained English proofreaders. We offer a high academic standard, also in time-sensitive situations for students on a deadline.



  • Proofreading modules are flexible and closely customized to the students and their writing.  
  • Online individual discussions about the application letter, essay, and academic texts are held on Skype or videoconference.  
  • Style guides (Chicago, MLA, etc.) are strictly adhered to.