Crystal Fisher– Founder of Bespeaking and Business/ General English Teacher

Crystal loves teaching and is passionate about motivating others to find their English-language personality. She started teaching English seven years ago and founded Bespeaking in 2014 because students needed more flexibility, convenience, and personalization in their lessons. Teaching tailored, individual English lessons online was the perfect solution. She is patient, clear, and empowers her students to speak English confidently and fluently. She has taught students from all over the world with various interests and reasons to learn English. She is a university-trained clarinetist, enjoys traveling to get to know different cultures, and absolutely loves being a teacher.

Erin – Bespeaking Blogger and General English Teacher

Erin found her passion for teaching when she was in high school and especially enjoys teaching English. Teaching English online is a great opportunity since she’s able to work with students and their schedules! Having lived in Germany for the past few years, and majoring in English and German at the College of William & Mary, she can communicate comfortably in both languages and loves the challenges that language brings! Erin is also a trained yoga teacher, writer, and is passionate about exploring new countries and cultures.

Alexandra – Business / General English Teacher

Alexandra - General and Business English Teacher

Alexandra has been teaching English in Germany online and in person for the past three years. She finds passion in sharing not just English with her students, but the story of language as a whole. She works together with her students to uncover and address their individual needs, strengths and areas of desire, all based around the main goal of language: the ability to effectively express oneself and communicate with others. She views her role as a partner and mentor; there to present, clarify, and challenge the student in their language learning process. 

Emily Molinié- Business English Teacher

Emily began teaching as a volunteer English teacher for immigrants in the US. Since moving to Europe, she has taught Business English in Paris, mainly in the financial sector, and in Stuttgart, mainly in the automotive sector. Emily’s training method is based on building rapport and personal connection with each student: she loves learning about their jobs, industries,  and unique challenges and needs. When she’s not learning languages herself, Emily enjoys traveling, Latin dance, and discovering new foods.

Kim Woo- General and Business English Teacher

Originally from Texas, Kim has been teaching English in Germany for over three years. She has a degree in Foreign Languages and the CELTA teaching certificate. She is fluent in German and Spanish, and can also speak a bit of Ukrainian and Mandarin. Kim’s lessons are targeted to the student’s immediate needs and she is eager to share her love of language. She has taught both general English and business English for a wide variety of industries, including banking, marketing, and pharmaceuticals. She specializes in helping students find new ways to improve their language skills outside the classroom. Kim is highly motivated and loves the cultural exchange aspect of English-teaching. 

Jacque – Business and General English Teacher

Jacque, English teacher at Bespeaking


Jacque has been living and working in Germany since mid-2018. He completed a degree in Film Studies, which included vast amounts of scripting and directing. He then went on to work for several programs in Cape Town, South Africa both on the technical and production side. He gained his TESOL certification to broaden his opportunities in Germany, and along with that has brought in a wealth of knowledge in many sectors. His approach to language learning is target only, while increasing fluency through vocabulary and structure.

Nicola – Business / General English Teacher

Nicola Bierman-English teacher at Bespeaking

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Nicola has been teaching English online for over ten years to students at all levels and cultures. After getting a diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design, she earned her CELTA and TEFL teaching certificates in Johannesburg and later spent time in Shanghai, China teaching English as a foreign language to both children and adults. She moved to Germany in 2014 where she is currently learning German and working in-house and online with the leaders of many large companies in the Stuttgart region. Her philosophy is to create fun and interesting lessons for her students that are tailored, relevant, and fit their immediate English needs. She specializes in teaching Business English in the areas of negotiations, marketing, sales, insurance, finance/accounting, emailing, meetings, and small talk. Nicola is clear, patient, energetic, and is living her dream of being an English teacher.

Adam – General English / English Tutor

Adam found his passion for teaching while working as an education reporter for several newspapers around the Midwest and east coast of the United States. This position required that he spend a lot of time with teachers and students: some of the best moments of his young adulthood- and where his passion for teaching began. After leaving journalism, Adam got a Master’s degree in Education and started working in the classroom, spending two years at a high school near Washington, D.C. He loved working on language with students in two ways: through developing their writing skills, and improving their understanding of literature. He finds that most students, even if native-speakers, have areas that need improvement. Focusing first on these trouble spots, and helping students communicate more effectively demonstrates various ways English can be used. While he expands his own language horizons by learning German, he is looking forward to exploring new possibilities teaching English lends as he meets new students.