Yana – General / Business Chinese Teacher

Yana grew up in Shanghai China, a very modern megapolis with a lot of western business people and expats. She came to Germany in 2001 to further her education. During her MBA, she started teaching Chinese to support people who wanted to practice business and/or study in China. Yana speaks fluent German and English, and is passionate about teaching her mother tongue, which sounds melodic and, thankfully, has very few grammar rules! The most valuable, as well as the most exciting part of teaching, is exposing her students to culture differences, helping them to come to new ways of thinking, and trying to bring across the Chinese mentality. Many people think that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn…but this isn’t true! Yana teaches her students how to learn Chinese with fun and ease.

娅娜来自中国,上海 一个中西方文化结合的大都市。她自2001年来到德国深造。在就读MBA学位期间,她便开始为想在中国学习和工作的人提供中文授课。娅娜说一口流利的德语,英语,并且对教授中文  她的母语充满了热诚。中文是一门充满了旋律感的语言,有着很简明的语法。在中文授课的同时,娅娜可以帮助她的学生领悟中西方文化间的不同与差异,构建新的思维方式并更进一步了解中国的文化价值观。很多人认为中文是一门很难学的语言 … 其实不然,娅娜可以让你轻松愉快地学习中文。