The English teachers at Bespeaking are up-to-date, motivated, and love teaching English!

  • We are a team of qualified, native-speaker English teachers with many years of experience teaching the English language to people from all around the world.
  • Combining our varied cultural backgrounds and interests with our extensive teaching experience, we develop a high-quality, efficient, and individualized lesson for each student.
  • Our English teachers bring professional diversity and practical experience to each lesson in a variety of industries such as law, business, insurance, banking, politics, journalism, marketing, music, film, history, media, art, sports, and more.
  • We help to bridge cultural differences with ease.
  • We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date in the latest in language instruction and in pursuing additional qualifications to expand our knowledge and expertise.
  • Our English teachers never let your goals out of their sight. Your progress is noted at the end of each lesson so that feedback can be discussed and goals redefined as needed.

“My teacher structures her lessons in a very clear and organised way.  The lessons are very lively and funny!  I always look forward to my next lesson with her.”

Roberto R.