Christmas is over now and it’s time to start looking towards a new year. We hope you made it through the Christmas season relatively stress-free, and that you were able to enjoy lots of time with your family and friends. As the new year approaches, perhaps you’re wondering about some new ways to say Happy New Year to the people in your life.

While we all know the traditional holiday greetings, they can start to seem a bit old and tired when you use them year after year. That’s why this year we wanted to give you some alternatives to the traditional New Year’s greeting. Read on for some fun, new ways to say “Happy New Year” in English.

May you have a happy and prosperous New Year!

You may see this New Year’s greeting on greeting cards or on your neighbors’ family Christmas card, but it’s a great one to say, as it conveys (shows) a lot of feeling and well wishes. Wishing people happiness and success in the upcoming year will always go over well.

May the coming year bring you lots of success!

This is the perfect phrase to say at the office or in business emails, as it’s always good to wish business partners and colleagues success in the coming year. This phrase can also be more formal, so it’s a good one to say if you’re in a formal situation, or if you don’t know someone well.

I hope you have a year full of laughter!

Do you have a good friend who you love to laugh with? Then this is one of the best new ways to say Happy New Year to them! It’s always wonderful to laugh with people, and I believe that laughter is a good way to measure (evaluate, judge) success, so why not switch it up (change, make it different) and wish someone lots of laughter? Hopefully their smile will take them far in the next year!

May all your wishes come true next year!

Many people see the Christmas season and the New Year as a time of transition (change) and being able to start things anew. That makes this a great phrase to use if people are looking to make a fresh start after the New Year. Also, if you’ve been looking to start things fresh yourself and have some goals for the New Year, check out what we have to say about New Year’s resolutions!

I wish you a lot of happiness in the coming year!

This is the perfect phrase for both formal and informal situations. Everyone loves being happy, so this is a great phrase to use around the office and with close friends. It lets people know that you are thinking about them and their well being in the new year, and that no matter what they do, you hope they experience happiness. What more could you want from a New Year’s greeting?

Do you have a favorite phrase you use, or have you heard some great new ways to say happy New Year to people? Make sure to share it with us in the comments below!

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Erin Duffin lives in Hamburg, is an English teacher, blogger, yoga instructor, would like to take this time to wish you and yours a load of laughter, fortuitous joy, and the most prosperous and successful new year yet! All the best, and see you in 2019! (How’s that for some new ways to say Happy New Year??)

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