Do you like to eat meat? Many people enjoy eating meat, which comes from animals. There are many different kinds of meat that you can eat. To help explain the different terms (words) we use, we wrote this blog about meat vocabulary. Some of these words you might have heard before. But some may be new to you! No matter what, we’re sure this meat vocabulary will be useful to you.

Check out this list of helpful meat vocabulary to help you prepare (make) a delicious meal!


If you want some meat that comes from cows, you don’t ask for “cow” in a restaurant. Instead, you ask for beef! Any cut (part) of meat that comes from a cow is beef. This could be steak, prime rib, brisket, or a flank steak. How do you like to prepare your beef? You can put beef on the grill or in the oven. There are many different ways to make it!

For example:

  • The menu for the wedding asked guests to choose (pick) between beef and chicken. I prefer beef, so that’s what I chose.
  • I love to eat a stir fry with beef and vegetables. It’s my favorite meal!


Where beef comes from cows, pork is what comes from pig. Any type of meat from a pig can be called pork. Both words, beef and pork, come from the French words for the same meats. Pork can be things like pork chops or bacon. Pork is also in many kinds of sausage. Do you like to eat pork? Or do you prefer (like  better) something else?

For example:

  • I used to eat a lot of pork, but I didn’t like it anymore when I got older.
  • My mom never made pork bacon when I was a kid. Instead, she would make turkey bacon.


Lamb is one of my favorite kinds of meat. I think it’s very delicious (tastes good). Just like beef and pork come from cows and pigs, lamb comes from sheep. Lamb is also what you call a baby sheep, but maybe try not to think about that while you’re eating! I like to grill a lamb steak when we grill in the park. Have you ever eaten lamb before?

For example:

  • He hates eating lamb. He doesn’t like the taste of it, and would rather eat beef instead.
  • Greek food has a lot of lamb in it. Gyros, for example, have lamb in them.


Chicken comes from…chickens, and is a type of what we call “white meat”. Where lamb and beef are brown in color, chicken is very pale (light in color.) Chicken can be prepared (made, cooked) in many different ways, and many people like to eat it. If people try something new and are unfamiliar (don’t know) what it tastes like, they may say “this tastes like chicken!” This is because chicken can taste like many different things. It’s easy to compare chicken to other types of food.

For example:

  • Would you like chicken on your salad? Or would you like pieces of steak instead?
  • Do we have enough chicken for dinner tonight? I can buy some from the store if we need it.


Some people don’t think fish is a type of meat, but I think it is! Fish comes in many varieties (types, kinds). Some people like to go fishing, where they catch their own fish. If they catch a fish, some people throw it back in the water. They just go fishing for fun. Other people will keep the fish and cook it for their dinner! Do you like to eat fish?

For example:

  • She never liked the taste of fish. She tried to avoid eating it if possible.
  • Would you like to go to a sushi restaurant with me? Or do you not like eating raw (uncooked) fish?


Seitan is not a type of meat at all. However, I thought it should be included in this list of meat vocabulary because it’s a type of imitation (fake, trying to copy something) meat. Seitan is made of wheat protein, and can be made to taste like many different things. People who are vegetarian (don’t eat meat) or vegan (don’t use anything from animals) may cook seitan and use that instead of meat. Seitan is in many kinds of non-meat burgers nowadays (now, recently) and can taste very close to actual meat!

For example:

  • I heard about a new vegetarian restaurant that has a good seitan burger. We should try it!
  • This vegetarian steak is actually made of seitan. It tastes just like the real thing!

What kinds of meat do you like to eat? Do you think you will use this meat vocabulary when you go to the grocery store next time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Erin Duffin lives in Hamburg, is an English teacher, blogger, yoga instructor, and likes many kinds of meat. However, she tends to eat vegetarian foods most days.

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