Many people wear makeup every day. Makeup are things used to color the face. People can wear makeup on their eyes, cheeks, and lips. Makeup can cover up (hide) things like pimples (small infections). It can also change the way you look. Some people just like the way they look with makeup on! Putting on makeup is regular part of the day for many people.

Do you like to wear makeup? Then you may find this makeup vocabulary helpful. If you don’t wear makeup, now you can talk about it! Learn the most common makeup vocabulary here. It’s always good to learn about new topics!

To apply makeup

How do you talk about putting makeup on? The verb (action word) to use is apply. If you put on makeup, you apply makeup. Applying makeup before work may be part of your morning ritual (routine). Some people like to apply makeup for fun. They can experiment (try) with different colors or looks. How often do you apply makeup?

For example:

  • I didn’t have time to apply makeup before leaving the house. I had to apply makeup on the train.
  • She doesn’t like wearing makeup. She only takes the time to apply makeup for special occasions.


Foundation is makeup that is worn on the entire face. It has a very specific job. Foundation is a liquid or powder that matches your skin tone (color). It is supposed to make the skin look even (the same). Foundation is used as a base (first layer) for other makeup. It can be used to cover up pimples and make your skin all one color. It’s applied before all other types of makeup.

For example:

  • She had a difficult time finding foundation to match her skin tone. She had to order one online to match her skin color.
  • I mix my foundation with lotion when I apply makeup in the morning. It saves me time!


Eyeshadow is colored powder you apply on your eyelids (skin over your eyes). Eyeshadow comes in every color you can imagine! Some people like eyeshadow that is close to their skin color. Some like very bright, colorful eyeshadow! It’s a very fun way to play with your makeup. You can wear different colors for different events. Some neutral colors (plain, skin color) can be good for work. Bright colors are good for parties! Which do you prefer?

For example:

  • I found a bright orange eyeshadow that I like. It’s too bright for work, but I wear it on the weekend!
  • She doesn’t like wearing eyeshadow. She never found a color that she really liked.


Eyeliner is a solid or liquid that is used to draw a line around the eye. Eyeliner makes the eyes look larger. It can also be used to change the shape of the eye. It is typically (usually) black or dark blue. However, it comes in many colors!

For example:

  • She prefers an eyeliner pencil. She thinks liquid eyeliner is too messy.
  • I love wearing eyeliner when I go out on the weekend. During the week, I don’t wear much makeup. But wearing eyeliner makes me feel fancy!


Mascara is a liquid makeup that is used on the eyelashes (small hairs around the eyes). It is usually black. Mascara makes the eyelashes look longer. It also makes them look darker. It can make your eyes look bigger, too! Some people don’t like wearing it, but I wear mascara every day!

For example:

  • You should change your mascara regularly (often). Because you wear it on your eyes, you should buy a new one every few months.
  • She never liked wearing mascara. She never learned how to apply it, and she doesn’t like things near her eyes.


Chances are (it’s likely), you know this makeup vocabulary already. Lipstick is a very common type of makeup. Lipstick is makeup to change the color of your lips. Lipstick is usually pink or red. A classic color is a bright red, like in old movies. I only wear lipstick for fancy parties, but I like when I get to wear it. Do you wear lipstick?

For example:

  • She doesn’t wear lipstick often. She thinks it feels too thick on her lips.
  • I found a new, dark purple lipstick. Do you think it looks good on me?

How often do you wear makeup? Have you had to use any of this makeup vocabulary before? What makeup do you wear often? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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Erin Duffin lives in Hamburg, is an English teacher, blogger, yoga instructor, and finds makeup vocabulary very helpful, because she wears makeup every day!

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