What did you do on New Year’s Eve – December 31st? Did you have a party? Did you make a New Year’s resolution (promise to do something better in the new year)?

Why not make learning English your New Year’s resolution! Try one of these tips below and some of our previous blogs Other Ways to Learn English and How to Use More English Everyday They’ll help you learn English better and faster.

Set a Reasonable (do-able, possible) Vocabulary Goal

Set a goal for learning. Make sure it’s a goal you can accomplish (finish, do, succeed at). Try to learn between 5-7 new vocabulary words per week -even if you only learn one per day, that’s 365 new words for this year! Every little bit helps. Just be consistent (do something the same, regular) and don’t forget your routine. No excuses (reasons NOT to do something)!

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Always Study at the Same Time – But in a Different Place

Did you know this? If you study in the same place, you remember things worse than if you mix it up (alternate, change, make different) and go to different places to learn. Study in your office, your kitchen, or on your couch. But make sure it always looks different.

Study at the same time of the day so you can make a routine, but try to change what your brain sees while you are studying. Try it for a week and see how much you remember!

Speak English with a Buddy & DON’T Switch Languages

Do you have a friend who speaks English? Or a friend who wants to speak English with you? Great! Speak English with them and DON’T go back to your native language. You must be very strict about this point.

Pick a place that will be English ONLY: on WhatsApp, Messenger, or only at lunchtime -you decide. But stay in English no matter what (in all cases, with no exceptions)! The more you practice, the better and faster you will become fluent.

Switch Your Phone and/or Social Media Language

I know I sound like a broken record because I wrote about this in How to Learn English Fast, but it’s sooo easy: change the language on your phone and/or Social Media, etc. It’s very helpful and is a great New Year’s resolution. Since (because) you already know what the buttons do, it’s easy language practice.

I did this when I learned German. I still have my Facebook and phone in German! It really helps.

Small, Baby Steps

Make your language journey (trip, experience, time) easier. Learn one grammar point at a time. Study it until you know it. If you look at your language problems individually, learning English becomes more manageable (easy to handle, easy to manage). Don’t make it hard -make it easy.

Review Your Goals

Each month, go over your New Year’s resolution goals. See how far you’ve come (progressed, closer to your goal you are) in the last month. Write it down if you’d like. It helps to see how far you have advanced. Set new goals for the next month. Doing this will help keep you on track (on your plan, going towards your goal)!

Which of these New Year’s resolutions will you make? Share them with us in the comments below. Happy New Year!

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