You can participate in your live Skype or videoconference English lesson, with or without a camera, in a private or group lesson, from any device you choose. We focus our teaching approach on how you learn English best.

Here are some examples of how Bespeaking lessons are personalized to you:

  • We analyze and define your goals so we can effectively meet them.
  • You schedule your lessons based on your flexibility.
  • We speak about the topics you currently handle in your job.
  • We address grammar for accuracy and your pronunciation to help build a natural accent.
  • You will learn idioms and common phrases actually used in native English that are relevant to your life.
  • We practice small talk skills and how to make a good first impression.

Bespeaking caters individually to the existing language skills of the student. One can learn the vocabulary needed for one’s job very quickly because the lessons are focused only on the necessary vocabulary. This way, one gets the feeling that they have achieved success quite quickly.

Steve S.