Bespeaking offers personalized, one-to-one guidance through the Letter of Application process for students and professionals looking to increase their chance of securing an interview for a job or place at the university.

One-to-One sessions include:

  • Brainstorming your skills and mining your strengths from ALL of your past experiences.
  • Developing strategies for setting yourself apart from other applicants.
  • Preparing you for the English job interview and role-playing practice questions.

Writing an effective, unique cover letter / essay is the only opportunity the job / university applicant has to introduce themselves to the recruiter or university administrator, and to show how the applicant and position on offer are best suited.

  • Identifying and defining your ‘unique selling point,’ also known as your USP.
  • Formulating an effective outline from which you may write your letter/essay easily, and to ensure that your ideas are organized fluently and purposefully.
  • Creating a objective / thesis sentence to guide your cover letter/ essay that perfectly matches your qualifications to the job or academic department you are applying for.

“My teacher helped me really focus my personal English essay topic [for the university application] from all the ideas I had to just the one that would show the university who I am as a student and why I would be a good fit. I couldn’t have put it into words if she hadn’t asked me a million questions to get me thinking!”

Amanda Y.