Learning English privately enables you to learn at your personal pace, working on exactly what you need to learn, and with 1-1 teacher attention so that your mistakes and difficulties are corrected on an individual level.

  • Bring your work topics, emails, or personal English needs to your teacher where you can work together to make you feel more confident working in English.
  • Your teacher will identify your vocabulary and grammar weaknesses, helping you to communicate exactly what you want to say without any language barrier in your English 1-1 lessons.
  • Practice small talk, current events, or any other topic that interests you in your English 1-1 lessons to become more comfortable exchanging your ideas with others in English.
  • Your trainer can help improve your individual English accent, helping you to focus on the sounds and letters that are the most challenging for you as you aim for more perfect and fluent communication.

“Thanks to the lively „bespeaking“ lessons, I overcame my fear of speaking freely with native speakers at conferences and international events. Learning at „bespeaking“ was individually customized to me and my immediate needs, and the trainers were really fun!”

Claude K.