Learning English in a group lesson with other students is good for companies with teams working on a project, students learning for an English language certificate, or for those looking for realistic practice with other non-native English speakers.

  • English group lessons with less than seven participants, we simulate the reality of an international workplace with a blend of native and non-native speakers while strengthening the communication skills of individual participants in the group.
  • Bespeaking teachers moderate, for example, group “role plays” and real situational contexts that reflect your actual businesssituations. You will practice negotiating, presenting, emailing, and telephoning while interacting professionally, confidently, and naturally.
  • Specialized English group workshops can also be organized for training in more specific areas like Law, Finance, or Medicine.
  • English group lessons can focus on various business skills like report and letter writing, emailing, telephoning, and negotiating.
  • Bespeaking also prepares students in groups for all internationally recognized language exams (like Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS) and school leaving certificates (like the Abitur, SATs, ACTs, IB).

“English Group lessons have not only helped me improve my English reading, writing and speaking skills but they have also helped to improve my critical thinking skills in a safe and nurturing environment.”

Sandra F.