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IB Online Tuition and Proofreading 

IB online tuition with Bespeaking offers guidance, preparation, and proofreading to International Baccalaureate (IB) students throughout the entire diploma process.


Our IB online tuition includes:

  • English (Standard and Higher level)
  • Music (SL and HL)
  • Math (SL and HL)
  • TOK (Theory of Knowledge)
  • Extended Essay (ex: English, History, Geography, Music, and the Arts)


Tutoring sessions are tailored exactly to your needs and subject.


Online IB Tutors


Our experienced online IB tutors work with students individually on Skype or videoconference to formulate their topics, research the topics effectively, structure the essays using the required style guide, and write clear & focused papers within the word count limit.


Bespeaking offers proven quality, professional proofreading and corrections for essays for any subject. We can also offer this standard of excellence in urgent or time sensitive situations for students on a deadline.


Successful IB Students


Successful students at Bespeaking are given the adequate skills and confidence to quickly develop a clear concept of their subject so that their time is spent doing relevant research, structuring, and writing their essay.


IB Online Tuition


Lessons are flexible for the student:


  • Place : wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Time: whenever it suits you – you choose how long and how often you need to work with your tutor.
  • Online: individual lessons are held on Skype or video conference.