Learning a new language is hard. If you want to learn English well, you have to stay motivated (active, energized, interested). Staying motivated when learning a language can be the hardest part. Don’t give up (stop)! Here are some tips to keep learning and stay motivated.


Make a Routine


Add language learning to your routine. Just like (the same as) having dinner or watching a TV program, set (fix, decide) a time each day to learn some new words. Maybe one hour or even five minutes of learning each day. Pick a time and make that your language time. Maybe it’s Saturday morning at 10am or as soon as you get home from work. Whenever it is, commit (set, decide, promise) to it.


Listen to Podcasts


Podcasts are a fun way to stay motivated when learning a language. Find one that you like and listen to it on the train or while you are walking around. It’s ok if you don’t understand everything they say in the podcast. You just want to practice listening to native speakers. When you listen to native speakers, you can hear their accent, tone, vocabulary, and prepositions from the speakers. Podcasts are great for that!


Learn with a Friend


Do you have a friend who also wants to learn a language? Learn with them! Doing something with other people helps you to do it, too, and to stay motivated. Have study dates (appointments, meeting times) at each other’s houses. Make it an event (special, different) with snacks or tea. If it’s fun (and when there is food!), it’s easier to do anything!


Set a Goal


Setting a goal helps you work toward it, so set a goal for your language learning! Make sure it’s realistic. Don’t set a goal like (for example), “I want to be fluent in 3 months.” Set small goals. For example, if you’re using language books, say, “I want to finish the first book by (until, no longer than) May.” You can measure (calculate, figure out) how far you’ve come by then and work toward your goal!


Get Help


Sometimes you won’t be very motivated. But that’s ok. Ask for help! That’s what family, friends, and teachers are there for. They want you to succeed (do well, achieve your goal), too. If you’re trying to learn on your own and aren’t motivated, find a teacher like one of our native speakers at Bespeaking.com. They will help you stay motivated when learning a language. Ask a friend to review with you. Speak your new language with your family. Every little bit helps!


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Erin Duffin lives in Berlin, is an English teacher,  yoga instructor, and has tried all these tips to stay motivated when learning a language! It really works- give it a try!