The weather is all around us. The weather has a big impact (effect, influence) on our daily lives. Is it raining? Then you should bring an umbrella. Is it hot and sunny? Then you can wear shorts. This is why knowing some easy weather words is so important.

We’ve written about weather words once before, but there are so many weather words to talk about! This week, we decided to talk about some more easy weather words. Hopefully after this blog you will be able to talk about the weather comfortably (easily, with no problems).

Mostly Sunny / Mostly Cloudy

If you watch the news on TV, there’s often a weather report. On the weather report, the weather person will tell you what the weather for the day is. You may hear the phrase mostly sunny. Mostly sunny means that the sun will be out most of the day. There could be some clouds, though (however, maybe).

You might also hear a similar phrase, mostly cloudy, which means clouds will be out most of the day.

For example:

  • Today’s forecast is mostly sunny with a chance of rain at night.
  • It’s supposed to be mostly sunny today so we can go to the park later!

Partly Cloudy

Just like mostly sunny, you will probably hear the phrase partly cloudy. Partly cloudy means that there will be a lot of clouds out during the day. However, there will be some sun, as well. Part or some of the day will have clouds, but not most of the day.

For example:

  • It’s supposed to (should, said to) be partly cloudy today, but it won’t rain.
  • Tomorrow it will be partly cloudy in the morning, but will be sunny in the afternoon.

Drizzle / To Drizzle

I live in Hamburg, and it drizzles all the time. Drizzle is a type of rain. Drizzle is a very, very light rain. It doesn’t rain very hard- so no real rain drops- and it can be almost like a mist (spray, like near the ocean) sometimes. When it drizzles, I think it’s a perfect day to stay inside and read!

For example:

  • It’s drizzling out, so make sure to bring an umbrella!
  • As soon as I left work, it started to drizzle.

Sprinkle / To Sprinkle

Have you ever been outside on a sunny day and it started to rain? The very light rain- so actual water drops, not mist- that comes right before a big rainstorm is called a sprinkle. When it’s raining, but not hard, we say that it is sprinkling. When it sprinkles, it usually doesn’t last very long. You may not even need an umbrella!

For example:

  • We had a light sprinkle this morning, but the weather is mostly sunny now.
  • It started sprinkling, and everyone ran for cover when they heard thunder.

Clear Sky

Don’t you just love days with clear skies? Clear skies are when there are no clouds at all. Clear-skied summer days are a great time to go to the beach. Nights with clear skies are perfect for stargazing!

For example:

  • There’s a meteor shower tonight. We’re supposed to have clear skies so we can watch it!
  • It’s too bad we don’t have clear skies today. I wanted to go to the lake.

Fog / Foggy

One thing I love about the fall are foggy mornings. Fog is a thin cloud that is close to the ground. It usually happens early in the morning. When the sun comes out fully, the fog usually goes away.

For example:

  • Driving in fog can be dangerous, so be careful!
  • The woods were foggy, which made them look a little spooky!


Have you ever been in a rainstorm, and little balls of ice started falling from the sky? Those small ice balls are called hail. Hail doesn’t happen very often, so when it does it’s always surprising!

For example:

  • What’s that noise? It’s hailing outside!
  • The hail wasn’t dangerous. It was very small and didn’t last very long.


I love winter, especially when it snows. Snow is white, fluffy, cold, and one of the more basic words of easy weather words. It makes everything look very peaceful and quiet. It only snows in cold regions, and it makes many people think of Christmastime.

For example:

  • It snowed so much that they canceled (didn’t have) school. All of the kids got to play outside all day.
  • I love when it snows! It means I can go skiing with my friends.

What is your favorite type of weather? Use some of this easy weather words to talk about your favorite type of weather in the comments below!

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Erin Duffin lives in Hamburg, is an English teacher, blogger, yoga instructor, and loves going outside when it snows.

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