English can be hard. A new language takes a lot of effort to learn. Do you think you need some help? Here in the beginner’s blog, I have some tips to learn English faster!

Read this blog to help you learn English in an easy way. If you are more advanced, you can check our other posts with tips to learn English like How to Use More English Everyday,  How to Learn English Fast , or KISS-Other ways to Learn English!  You will soon be speaking English like a native!

Post-it Notes

Place Post-It notes on things. It can be the refrigerator, washing machine, or box of cereal. Write the word of the thing in English. Leave the post-it with the word on it there until you have learned the word. You can practice learning English without thinking about it!

Talk in English

Does your best friend speak English well? One of our favorite tips to learn English: talk to your friends in English! Start speaking in English. If it gets too hard, switch back (change back) to your original language.

Every tiny bit of training helps. You (and your friend) can practice speaking to each other. You don’t even have to go to a class. Just speak English at home or on WhatsApp! You’ll learn vocabulary and be able to practice all on your own!

Talk to Yourself

Don’t be afraid to look funny! If you’re in the car or alone, talk to yourself. You can think in English, too! You can practice new words and sentence structures (formulation, order, form). Then when you feel comfortable, you can try them out on real people.

Flash Cards

Another one of our best tips to learn English is to get your friends to help you learn with flash cards. Write new vocabulary (new words) on the flash cards, then have your friends quiz you on the words. See how many you get right, and learn things along the way!

Write a “To Do” List in English

Do you need to do laundry (wash your dirty clothes)? Go to the grocery store? Pay bills (a message that tells you the money you owe eg. water, gas, etc)? Write it all in a to-do list in English. It will help you accomplish things and practice your English vocabulary. You might even be more organized!

Do you have any tips to learn English? Share them with us below!

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Erin Duffin lives in Berlin, is an English teacher,  yoga instructor, and loved having so many Post-its in her apartment for some nice color!