It seems like every week there are new texting acronyms to be aware of. New texting acronyms come up online or are passed from friend to friend, so they’re important to be aware of. In July 2017, we published our first blog on text speak, in case you’re curious about a few more!

Whether you’re a big texter or prefer to call, here are some common texting acronyms to know.


BTW, or by the way, turns up online and in texts quite frequently. It’s one of those great texting acronyms to know and use because it can help you quickly add new information to a conversation. By the way is a common phrase that is used to give people new or extra information in a conversation.

For example:

  • BTW, I’m staying late at the office, so I’ll be home a bit later.
  • BTW, have you heard from Mom today?


EOD is a very common business texting acronym. You might see it at the end of emails, particularly those talking about assignments. EOD means end of day.

For example:

  • Could you please send me that report by Monday EOD?
  • I’ll have this finished by EOD.


IOW, or in other words, is another one of those texting acronyms you may see in business. It is a great way to reiterate (emphasis, stress) something you have said or written or rephrase (say again) another way to help make it more understood.

For example:

  • He said that he wouldn’t enjoy being there. IOW, he’s staying home tonight.
  • I am going to be away this weekend. IOW, can we meet next weekend instead?


LOL is a texting acronym you will see very commonly online. It means laugh out loud, and people often post it in the comments sections when sending funny memes or videos to friends, or just when they see something funny.

LOL is so common that now some people say it out loud when they’re speaking to someone else.

For example:

  • This video is hilarious, LOL!
  •  LOL! Check this out. I think you’ll find it as funny as I do.


OMW is a texting acronym that I use quite frequently. It means on my way, and is a good way to let someone know that you have left where you are, and are coming to where they are. I usually use it to let my partner know that I’m on my way back to our home.

For example:

  • Just leaving work now. OMW.
  • I’m OMW, but the bus is running late.


ICYMI, or in case you missed it, is starting to be used by news sources on social media to share some stories. It’s usually used with fun, heart-warming stories, rather than serious, impactful stories.

For example:

  • ICYMI: This video of a skateboarding crow is taking the world by storm.
  • ICYMI: Check out this emotional wedding speech!

Which texting acronyms on our list do you use? Do you use any at all, or something different? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Erin Duffin lives in Hamburg, is an English teacher, blogger, yoga instructor, and is still sometimes surprised by new texting acronyms.

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