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Weather Collocations


The weather has an effect on our everyday lives. If it's raining, you may take an umbrella to work. If it's sunny and warm, you may wear lighter clothing. Weather impacts so much of our daily life and even the way we speak. In English, there are many different weather collocations (phrases) that are used often in conversation. To help you find your way among all these different phrases, we've put together a list of some of our favorite weather collocations that you're most likely to hear. Read on to learn some new phrases you can use every day... no matter the weather! (If [...]

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Travel Phrases for Beginners – Easy English


Being able to travel is a great thing. When you travel, you can see new places. You can experience (do, see) new things and meet (know someone for the first time) new people. But how do you get around (travel, talk to people) if you don't speak English well? You can use some travel phrases for beginners! Knowing some travel phrases for beginners is great. They'll help you find your way if you don't know where to go. They'll help you find what you need. If you want to travel this year, use some of these travel phrases for beginners! "I don't speak English very well." [...]

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Happy Holidays in Different Languages


The holidays are upon us (here)! I love this time of year, because I get to see my family, eat lots of Christmas cookies, and enjoy different holiday traditions throughout the month of December. To help spread the holiday cheer this year, we thought we would teach you how to say happy holidays in different languages. Consider it a holiday treat from us at Bespeaking! Learning how to say happy holidays in different languages is a great way to help spread Christmas traditions around the world, and if you're traveling over the holidays, knowing how to wish people well in a different language may [...]

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Vocabulary for the Hairdresser


There's something so satisfying about getting your hair cut. Going to visit the hairdresser (someone who cuts hair) can give you a completely new look if you decide to try a new cut, or can help make you feel like yourself again. But what vocabulary for the hairdresser do you need? I remember when I first moved to Germany, I didn't get a haircut for a long time. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to talk about what I wanted or needed and would end up with a bad haircut. I would have loved to have had some vocabulary for [...]

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Transportation Collocations in English


Everyone has to get around somehow. Some people drive, some walk, and some take the bus. This is why it's good to know some transportation collocations in English. If you've ever wondered how to talk about transportation, this is the blog for you. Learn some of these transportation collocations and try them out (use them) in your everyday life! Take a bus/train When you travel by bus or train, you don't "ride with" or "drive" it. You take the bus and you take the train. I take the bus everyday to work, and I take the train to visit friends in Berlin. When do you take [...]

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Texting Acronyms in English


It seems like every week there are new texting acronyms to be aware of. New texting acronyms come up online or are passed from friend to friend, so they're important to be aware of. In July 2017, we published our first blog on text speak, in case you're curious about a few more! Whether you're a big texter or prefer to call, here are some common texting acronyms to know. BTW BTW, or by the way, turns up online and in texts quite frequently. It's one of those great texting acronyms to know and use because it can help you quickly add new information [...]

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Food Idioms


Learning idioms is a great way to learn a language. Here at Bespeaking, we love teaching you new idioms and their origins, and this week we decided to focus on some food idioms. Food is a part of everyday life, so it's no wonder that food idioms are common in language. Here are some of our favorite food idioms in English. Cool as a Cucumber Someone who is cool as a cucumber does very well under pressure. They're able to keep their head on straight (stay calm) and think clearly, rather than getting flustered (worked up, nervous, spazzy) and confused in high pressure situations. There are [...]

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Easy Weather Words – Easy English Blog


The weather is all around us. The weather has a big impact (effect, influence) on our daily lives. Is it raining? Then you should bring an umbrella. Is it hot and sunny? Then you can wear shorts. This is why knowing some easy weather words is so important. We've written about weather words once before on an Easy English blog, but there are so many weather words to talk about! This week, we decided to talk about some more easy weather words. Hopefully after this blog you will be able to talk about the weather comfortably (easily, with no problems). Mostly Sunny / Mostly Cloudy If you [...]

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Exchanging Ideas in English


We all have ideas about how things should be done. Sometimes our ideas differ from others and that's ok! What's important is that we have effective ways of exchanging ideas in English. Do you have some ideas that you'd like to communicate (express yourself, talk) to people? Do you like someone else's idea? Or do you disagree with someone, perhaps? Here are some phrases that can help you say what you think in a positive, constructive (helpful for everyone) way. I Couldn't Agree More Did someone propose (suggest) a great idea in a meeting? Or did a friend come up with a fantastic (great, wonderful) plan for the [...]

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How to Talk about Secrets in English


We all have secrets. There are simply some things that we don't like talking about that we would much rather keep to ourselves (not tell anyone). However, it can be very therapeutic to talk about our secrets with a close friend or family member, so it's important to know how to talk about secrets in English. Secrets aren't always meant to be shared (talked about), but it can be a good feeling when they are! Here are some phrases we use to talk about secrets in English. Divulge a Secret When you finally tell someone a secret, you can use the word divulge. To divulge something is [...]

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Idioms from Greek Mythology


Here at Bespeaking, you know we love our idioms. They're both a great way to express yourself and fantastic for immersing yourself in a language. English is full of idioms, and some of the most common ones you'll hear are idioms from Greek mythology. The Ancient Greeks had an enormous influence on society as we know it today. It was the birthplace of Western civilization, and therefore, also left us with some pretty great idioms. Here are some of our favorite idioms from Greek mythology: Achilles Heel Do you have a weak spot? Some part of your personality that's not [...]

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Gym English- Vocabulary for at the Gym


Are you a fitness junkie (addict, do a lot of sport)? Do you like spending your spare (extra) time at the gym getting fit? If you do, then you may need some vocabulary when you go to a fitness center: gym English. It took me a long time to enjoy fitness. I could never find a sport I liked, but I finally have, and I've been really enjoying working on my fitness during the week. It's so satisfying (a good feeling) to see yourself getting stronger (building muscle, losing weight). Whether you're already a gym bunny (gym rat, in the gym a lot), or if you need some motivation to [...]

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