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Fleischsorten auf Englisch


Essen Sie gerne Fleisch (meat)? Es gibt immer noch viele Menschen, die gerne Fleisch essen, das von Tieren (animals) stammt. Dabei gibt es viele verschiedene Arten von (sorts of) Fleisch, die man essen kann. Um die verschiedenen Begriffe dafür vorzustellen und zu erklären, haben wir diesen Blog über die verschiedenen Fleischsorten auf Englisch geschrieben. Einige dieser Wörter haben Sie vielleicht schon einmal gehört. Andere sind vielleicht neu für Sie! Wie auch immer, wir sind sicher, dass Ihnen diese Begriffe für die Fleischsorten auf Englisch nützlich (useful) sein könnten, weil sie Ihnen helfen ab sofort immer das richtige zu bestellen. Sehen [...]

Fleischsorten auf Englisch2020-09-06T21:40:06+01:00

Redewendungen mit get


Das Erlernen von Redewendungen mit get ist eine tolle Methode, um ein höheres Niveau in der englischen Sprache zu erreichen. Wenn Sie Redewendungen mit get beherrschen, kann Ihnen das zu einem natürlicheren Ausdruck in der Sprache verhelfen und Sie können vieles gleich besser verstehen. Allerdings sind Redewendungen mit get schwer zu übersetzen, da feste Wendungen generell für jede Sprache sehr spezifisch sind. Das macht es natürlich nicht leicht sie sich anzueignen und zu erlernen! Obwohl Redewendungen mit get ständig im Alltag verwendet werden und Sie sie wahrscheinlich auch oft hören, kann es schwer sein sie zu verstehen und man kann [...]

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Water Vocabulary in English – Easy English


Do you like to swim? During the summer, it's fun to go swimming. When it's hot, more people hang out (relax, spend time) near the water. This is so they can keep cool (not be so warm). As the weather gets warmer (heats up), knowing the difference between types (kinds) of water can be helpful. That's why we've decided to focus on (look at) some water vocabulary. If you know different bodies of water (types of water), you can talk clearly about where you want to go to beat the heat (keep cool)! Expand (make bigger) your knowledge (what you know) of English with some of this helpful water vocabulary! Lake A lake is a large body of water. [...]

Water Vocabulary in English – Easy English2020-07-02T10:50:30+01:00

Breakfast Vocabulary – Easy English


Who loves breakfast? Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal (food time) of the day. I love eating a lazy (relaxed, slow) breakfast on the weekend. But when you are learning a language, you may have to learn some breakfast vocabulary on your own (alone, by yourself).  It's not always taught (teach/taught/taught) in class! Breakfast vocabulary may not be the most common (seen, happen a lot) lesson, but is good to know and a good way to start the day! Be ready for your next breakfast date (meet-up, appointment) with this breakfast vocabulary! To go to brunch Do you enjoy (like) going to brunch? The word "brunch" is the combination of breakfast and lunch. Lots [...]

Breakfast Vocabulary – Easy English2020-06-02T17:58:18+01:00

Baking Vocabulary – Easy English


Do you like to bake? Here's an opportunity to learn some easy baking vocabulary to help you.  Baking is when you make bread, cakes, cookies, pies, or other types of food that use dough (a mixture of flour, water, and other things). Many people enjoy (like doing) baking. But if you're learning a language, following a recipe (list of instructions for baking or cooking) can be hard! There are a lot of easy baking vocabulary words you may not know. That's why we've put together a list of easy baking vocabulary. Learn these baking vocabulary words to help you in the kitchen, or read this blog on general [...]

Baking Vocabulary – Easy English2020-05-07T12:25:27+01:00

Car Parts in English – Easy English


Do you like driving a car? How often do you drive in a car? Whether you drive a car or not, you probably will drive in a car sometime. This is why it's important to know the different parts (pieces) of cars. There are many different car parts to know. You may know car parts in your native language, but do you know them in English? With this in mind (thinking of this), we've put together a list of car parts in English. Don't worry! We're not talking about technical car parts in English, but rather car parts you need to know if you're [...]

Car Parts in English – Easy English2020-03-05T09:25:08+01:00

Travel Phrases for Beginners – Easy English


Being able to travel is a great thing. When you travel, you can see new places. You can experience (do, see) new things and meet (know someone for the first time) new people. But how do you get around (travel, talk to people) if you don't speak English well? You can use some travel phrases for beginners! Knowing some travel phrases for beginners is great. They'll help you find your way if you don't know where to go. They'll help you find what you need. If you want to travel this year, use some of these travel phrases for beginners! "I don't speak English very well." [...]

Travel Phrases for Beginners – Easy English2020-01-02T06:56:08+01:00

Transportation Collocations in English


Everyone has to get around somehow. Some people drive, some walk, and some take the bus. This is why it's good to know some transportation collocations in English. If you've ever wondered how to talk about transportation, this is the blog for you. Learn some of these transportation collocations and try them out (use them) in your everyday life! Take a bus/train When you travel by bus or train, you don't "ride with" or "drive" it. You take the bus and you take the train. I take the bus everyday to work, and I take the train to visit friends in Berlin. When do you take [...]

Transportation Collocations in English2019-12-05T09:32:07+01:00

Easy Weather Words – Easy English Blog


The weather is all around us. The weather has a big impact (effect, influence) on our daily lives. Is it raining? Then you should bring an umbrella. Is it hot and sunny? Then you can wear shorts. This is why knowing some easy weather words is so important. We've written about weather words once before on an Easy English blog, but there are so many weather words to talk about! This week, we decided to talk about some more easy weather words. Hopefully after this blog you will be able to talk about the weather comfortably (easily, with no problems). Mostly Sunny / Mostly Cloudy If you [...]

Easy Weather Words – Easy English Blog2019-11-07T10:51:04+01:00

Going Grocery Shipping in English: Easy English


I love going grocery shopping. There are so many different kinds of food in the grocery store (supermarket). I really enjoy seeing all the different fruits, vegetables, and snacks that are available. There is so much variety in the aisles (rows of shelves that hold the groceries). Going grocery shopping in English is easy for me, but when I want to go grocery shopping in a foreign country, it can be difficult. If you don't know the names of certain (specific, special, exact) foods, they can be hard to find (or ask for them!) in a store. It can be exciting (nice, fun) to go grocery shopping in [...]

Going Grocery Shipping in English: Easy English2019-10-03T09:11:47+01:00

Back-to-School Vocabulary: Easy English Blog


It's that time of year again! It's time for kids to go back to school. At this time of year, lots of stores have back-to-school sales (special prices). Teachers may send home lists of school supplies (things you need to do a job) that students need. Because it's back-to-school time, we put together some back-to-school vocabulary for you. I always love back-to-school time. It's the beginning of fall, which is my favorite season. People go back into a routine (set schedule). And I can start wearing sweaters again! What do you like about back-to-school season? Notebook (lined/blank) A notebook is used by students in most classes. It is [...]

Back-to-School Vocabulary: Easy English Blog2019-09-05T08:38:27+01:00

Telling the Time in English


It's time to learn some English! Telling time is very important. Knowing what time it is helps us every day. If we know what time it is, we can be at work on time (punctual, at the right time, not late), meet friends, and make plans. So how can you talk about telling time in English? Learning how to tell time in English is a useful skill (talent, thing) to know. If this is something you need to know (or need to review (learn again)), then this is the blog for you!   A.M./P.M.   In the United States, we don't use what we call “military [...]

Telling the Time in English2019-08-01T10:29:52+01:00
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