Practice makes perfect, especially if you’re learning English. You need to practice daily English phrases every day – not only when you have a lesson with your teacher at Bespeaking! This can be hard, but we’re here to make it easy!

Try using these easy English phrases daily (every day) They’re very common and will help you learn faster. You can say them to family or friends. Just try to use at least one a day. Every little bit helps!

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Did you sleep well?

You can say this after “Good morning.” It is polite (kind, nice) to ask someone how they have slept the night before. It’s like the first “how are you?” of the day. The person may say, “I slept well” or, “I slept poorly,” or “I didn’t sleep at all!”

Asking “Did you sleep well?” or “How did you sleep?” is one of the  nicest daily English phrases to start the day. The person you’re asking will know you care (are interested in) about them.

If they slept poorly, maybe you have some tips for them! Maybe a glass of warm milk before bed or counting sheep?

Start your morning speaking English! It’s an easy way to stay speaking English during the day.

Bless you

You can say this whenever someone sneezes. It’s a polite way to acknowledge their sneeze and that they were uncomfortable (not well, feeling strange) for a moment. “Bless you” is easy to say every day – someone is always sneezing somewhere!

Do you know where “bless you” came from? There are many stories for this. One idea comes from the Middle Ages when people didn’t know how diseases (sicknesses) worked. They thought when you sneezed, that demons (devils, evils) entered your body. These demons made you sick. They would say “bless you” to get rid of the demons.

Another idea for “bless you” comes from the belief that your heart stops beating when you sneeze.  If you say “God bless you”, you are showing the person that God is “with you” and has let you live a little longer and has re-started your heart.

No matter where it comes from, saying “bless you” is still nice to say.  How do you answer someone who says “bless you” when you sneeze?  You simply say, “Thank you!”

“Bless you” is one of the daily English phrases we also say to complete strangers we don’t know. It’s considered polite to say “bless you” to people even if you don’t know them and we do this all the time!


Did you make a mistake? Perhaps you accidentally (by mistake) counted something wrong or dropped something on the floor. In this case, we would say, “oops!” when we have realized that we have done something we should not have. Saying natural, daily English phrases is a good way to turn your brain on to “English mode”! Even Britney Spears made “oops” world famous in 2000.

Are you hungry?

It’s nice to know how people around you are feeling. You can check up on (ask about, inquire) them through the day. If it’s lunchtime, ask your coworker if they’re hungry. Maybe you can go to lunch together! If they speak English, this is one of those good daily English phrases to practice. You could practice your English during lunch.

You can also ask if someone is tired or how they’re feeling. Show interest in others. It will help you to make friends!

How was work?

Do you and your partner or best friend work in different companies? Maybe you work in the same office? Either way (in both situations), you can ask them “how was work?” when you come home. Try to talk about your day in English. Start the conversation in this language. It will put you on the right track (help start you right) to practice. Talk about your day and reconnect with others. It will help you feel closer to them. You can help them with problems or topics they have at the moment. Or you can just listen to what a great day they had!

They’re sure to appreciate (be happy about, be grateful for) you asking. And you also get to practice your daily English phrases!

What time is it?

Did you get wrapped up (very, very interested in) in your book? Were you watching a movie before bed? You might have lost track (not realize something, lose sense) of time. Then ask, “What time is it?” See if they’ll answer in English to practice your times vocabulary.

Is it bedtime? Or can you stay up longer? Find out by asking “What time is it?”!

What daily English phrases do you use often? Tell us in the comments below!

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