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Fighting Vocabulary in English


Unfortunately, we don’t always get on well with the people in our lives. Whether (if) it’s a partner, a spouse, a boss, or a friend, sometimes we get in fights with the people we care about. It can be good to have some fighting vocabulary at hand (in your head) so that you can talk about and describe the fight later, if need be. It can also be good just to know how English speakers describe fighting. We hope that you don’t fight with people that often, and that you won’t need this fighting vocabulary! But it’s good to know [...]

Fighting Vocabulary in English2023-07-02T13:56:09+01:00

Dating Vocabulary in English


Dating is always a little bit funny (strange). You go get dinner or go to a movie with a complete stranger, talk to them, realize you either like or don’t like them, and then maybe you fall in love with them. I always find it interesting how the most important people in our lives start out as strangers and come to mean so much to us! Like many other things in the English language, dating has its own set of vocabulary to go with it. And you probably won’t learn this dating vocabulary in class! If you intend (want to) [...]

Dating Vocabulary in English2023-07-02T13:54:27+01:00

Home Buying Vocabulary in English: Part 2


If you've been looking to buy a home recently, or even just been binge watching (watching all at once) Selling Sunset, you've probably heard a lot of home buying vocabulary! The words and phrases you need to buy a home can be tricky, especially if you're working in your second language. We covered some home buying vocabulary before, but there's so much more you need to know! Who's the person who shows you around the house? What is it called when you see a house in the newspaper or online? There's so much important home buying vocabulary that it can be [...]

Home Buying Vocabulary in English: Part 22023-07-02T13:25:29+01:00

Thanksgiving Vocabulary in English


Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It's a great opportunity for family and friends to get together, share a delicious meal, and catch up after a long year. It's also a great way to express gratitude (happiness, appreciation) for the things that you have in your life, and the people you share it with. Because we love Thanksgiving so much, we decided to talk about some common Thanksgiving vocabulary you'll find in English. Thanksgiving vocabulary doesn't just have to be used at Thanksgiving. In fact, you can use many of these words at large family dinners or [...]

Thanksgiving Vocabulary in English2023-06-05T12:01:35+01:00

Vocabulary for Sleeping in English


Sleeping is one of the most important things in life. Sleep helps us recover from the day, and feels really good, too! That's why having some vocabulary for sleeping is important! It's good to have the right words to talk about important things in life. If you love to sleep, or even if you don't think you have enough time for sleep, learning vocabulary for sleep will be helpful if you want to improve your English. With this in mind, here is some helpful vocabulary for sleeping in English. We hope that this not only improves your English, but may [...]

Vocabulary for Sleeping in English2023-06-05T11:51:22+01:00

Vocabulary to Take Off Work in English


Who doesn't like to take off work? Taking time off work is really important, since it gives you time to relax and take a break. There are a few ways that we talk about taking off work in English, from calling in sick, to using your vacation days throughout (through) the year. How you take off work is up to you, but it's great to know how to talk about it with your boss, your friends, or your partner. No matter what you do with the time you take off work, here are a few phrases that may help you. [...]

Vocabulary to Take Off Work in English2023-06-05T11:47:24+01:00

Polish Loan Words in English


What's your favorite country to visit? In Europe, one of the countries I like the most is Poland. I haven't been to Poland very much, but I've always enjoyed myself when I've been there. Poland is a beautiful country with excellent food, which has given quite a few words to English! We call these borrowed words loan words, and they're a great way to help learn a language. There are quite a few Polish loan words in English, and some of them I found pretty shocking (surprising)! I had no idea that some of these common words came from Polish! [...]

Polish Loan Words in English2023-06-05T10:55:31+01:00

Olympics Vocabulary in English


I've always loved watching the Olympic Games. The Olympics are, in my opinion, a great way to promote (advocate, encourage) international cooperation (working together). Because many countries compete (to take part in a contest) in the Olympic Games, we are exposed to (made aware of) many different athletes and cultures. Plus, you get to watch all kinds of different sports! That's why this week, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some Olympics vocabulary in English. The Olympics take place (happen) every four years. There are Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics, and different sports are played [...]

Olympics Vocabulary in English2023-06-05T10:48:47+01:00

Measurements in English


Last week on the Bespeaking blog, we talked about basic shapes in English. And we realized that when you're learning a language, sometimes you don't know the simplest (most simple) things. Teachers don't always focus on things like shapes or measurements that people use in their everyday life! With this in mind, we decided to take a look at measurements in English this week. Knowing how to measure things, especially in your second language, comes in handy (is useful) all the time! How do you talk about measurements in English? What do these measurements actually (in reality) mean? As always, [...]

Measurements in English2023-06-05T10:42:27+01:00

Shapes in English – Easy English


Do you remember learning shapes (geometric forms) in school? Knowing different shapes can be very useful (helpful). Shapes can be a good way to describe (talk about) things. Especially (most of all) when you're learning a new language! Have you ever learned shapes in English? Maybe you did not. If you don't know shapes in English, this blog is a good starting point (beginning). Even if you know shapes in English already (from before), keep (continue) reading. This blog will be a good review (learn again)! Read on to find out (learn) more about different shapes in English. Square A [...]

Shapes in English – Easy English2023-06-05T10:38:49+01:00

Cleaning Tools in English


Cleaning isn't the most fun thing to do, but it's something we all have to take care of from time to time. How often do you clean your house? Do you know the terms we use in English to talk about cleaning appliances (the things we use to clean with)? Keeping your house or apartment clean is an important part of everyday life, so knowing how to talk about cleaning is an important part of learning a language. If you're learning English and are curious about what to call the cleaning appliances you have around your house, look no further [...]

Cleaning Tools in English2023-06-05T10:29:51+01:00

Internet Vocabulary You Should Know in English


The internet has completely changed our lives. Many of us, myself included (me, as well), have grown up with the internet, and have never known a time when it wasn't around. However, the internet and the way people use it is changing every day. That means that there's always new internet vocabulary to learn! Think about it...if someone came up to you 25 years ago and asked you to "google" something for them, would you have known what they meant? Because the internet is so prevalent (common) in our lives, it's important to stay on top of (know about, stay [...]

Internet Vocabulary You Should Know in English2023-06-05T10:23:46+01:00
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