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Janus Words-One Word, Two Opposite Meanings


There are all sorts of grammar, idioms, and phrasal verbs to learn that are specific to English. This week we'll be focusing on a particularly (especially) interesting point in English called "Janus words," or words that are their own opposite.   Janus words are named for Janus, the Roman two-faced god (January is also named for Janus), but are also known as contronyms, antagonyms, or auto-antonyms. Unfortunately there is no trick to help learn these words, so you'll just have to learn them by heart (memorize) or figure them out in context.   Here are some Janus words with both meanings and [...]

Janus Words-One Word, Two Opposite Meanings2020-09-20T19:50:53+01:00

How to Use a Blog to Learn English


Have you ever thought about how to use a blog to learn English? We've been bringing the Bespeaking blog to you every week for the past (almost) two years, and it has been our absolute pleasure (happiness) to do so. We are so thankful for every click, comment, and share!   Maybe you haven’t thought about it, or you’re a bit unsure as (using as and since to mean because) to how you could put the Bespeaking blog to good use. How exactly does one use a blog to learn English? Don't you need to have a teacher to do that? [...]

How to Use a Blog to Learn English2020-09-20T19:47:01+01:00

Stay Motivated While Learning a Language – Easy English Blog


Learning a new language is like forming a habit (something you do without thinking). You have to stay interesting and engaged to keep going if you want to make progress. But what are some good ways to stay motivated while learning a language?   But just like forming a new habit, learning a new language takes motivation. You have to keep at it (continue with it) in order to get better. But sometimes you can get burnt out (have no more desire), lose your motivation, or even just get bored.   In addition to some other tips we offered in a previous [...]

Stay Motivated While Learning a Language – Easy English Blog2020-09-18T13:31:30+01:00

9 Books to Improve Your English Vocabulary & Grammar


Reading is an excellent way to improve your overall language skills. While books geared toward (aimed at) language learning are useful, the way you really become fluent is through practice and repetition. The best way to practice English (if you don't have a native English speaker around) is by reading books to improve English sentence structure, melody, and style!   Don't be intimidated by reading a whole book in English. You can start with books for children and then when you feel more confident, try a more difficult book or a book you’ve already read in your own language. Don’t be embarrassed, [...]

9 Books to Improve Your English Vocabulary & Grammar2020-09-18T12:54:33+01:00

Root Word Err: To wander, to stray


We all make mistakes. It's part of being human! But do you know which Latin word, which has become a major root word in English, usually references making mistakes? The original Latin meaning probably doesn't mean what you think! Ever heard of the root word err?   This week on the Bespeaking blog we were inspired by one of my favorite podcasts, Word Root of the Day.  Therefore, we present to you the Latin word err and some words in English which derive from it. If you are interested in this kind of thing, check out our blog from last year on [...]

Root Word Err: To wander, to stray2020-09-18T12:54:18+01:00

How to Stay Motivated When Learning a Language – Easy English Blog


Learning a new language is hard. If you want to learn English well, you have to stay motivated (active, energized, interested). Staying motivated when learning a language can be the hardest part. Don't give up (stop)! Here are some tips to keep learning and stay motivated.   Make a Routine   Add language learning to your routine. Just like (the same as) having dinner or watching a TV program, set (fix, decide) a time each day to learn some new words. Maybe one hour or even five minutes of learning each day. Pick a time and make that your language time. [...]

How to Stay Motivated When Learning a Language – Easy English Blog2020-09-18T12:53:53+01:00

Learning English: Your New Year’s Resolution – Easy English Blog


What did you do on New Year's Eve – December 31st? Did you have a party? Did you make a New Year's resolution (promise to do something better in 2017)?   Why not make learning English your New Year’s resolution! Try one of these tips below and some of our previous blogs Other Ways to Learn English and How to Use More English Everyday They'll help you learn English better and faster.   Set a Reasonable (do-able, possible) Vocabulary Goal   Set a goal for learning. Make sure it's a goal you can accomplish (finish, do, succeed at). Try to learn between 5-7 [...]

Learning English: Your New Year’s Resolution – Easy English Blog2020-09-18T12:52:24+01:00

Easy English Blog: Great Tips to Learn English


English can be hard. A new language takes a lot of effort (time, determination) to learn. Do you think you need some help? Here in the beginner's blog, I have some tips to learn English faster! Read this blog to help you learn English in an easy way. If you are more advanced, you can check our other posts with tips to learn English like How to Use More English Everyday,  How to Learn English Fast , or KISS-Other ways to Learn English!  You will soon be speaking English like a native (someone who grew up speaking a language)! Post-it Notes [...]

Easy English Blog: Great Tips to Learn English2021-02-17T18:14:24+01:00

How to Learn English Fast


Last week here on the Bespeaking blog, we talked about how to incorporate (to add into) more English into your everyday life. We got a TON of feedback from other language learners – thank you! - and wanted to share their tips on how to learn English fast with you here: Change your phone / Facebook We all use our smartphones every day. Think about it - they are always in our hands! And how many times a day do you check Facebook for messages, news, or to see what your friends are up to? Changing the language of your [...]

How to Learn English Fast2020-12-06T13:34:43+01:00

How to Use More English Every Day


If you're determined to learn English (or any language, for that matter), the hardest part can be using it consistently.  To use more English everyday, you need a plan. When I first started learning German in college, I complained a little bit about having German class Monday to Friday for an hour and a half. Then my dad told me that it was necessary to learn the language, as I needed all the practice I could get. As it turns out, he was right (thanks, Dad!). When learning a new language, you need to practice a lot. It's a "use [...]

How to Use More English Every Day2020-11-29T17:23:41+01:00

Learning English Online


If you've finally decided to take the plunge and learn English, the next step is to find a school that's right for you. The possibilities are virtually (ha!) endless with many types of schools to suit all types of students when learning English online. If you have the time and the access, a physical school might be the right fit for you. But for those of us (English teachers, too!) who just can't seem to find enough hours in the day, learning English online can be the perfect solution. What's Different About Learning English Online? Not much, honestly. As an [...]

Learning English Online2020-11-29T17:11:01+01:00

Is English Vocabulary Hard?


We're shaking it up a bit (doing something different) this week on the Bespeaking blog! People always ask me if German is a hard language to learn and my answer always goes a little something like this: “To an extent, yes.” The grammar can be quite difficult. But when it comes to English vocabulary words themselves, it's relatively easy. If we are talking about loan words, or words that have been borrowed from another language, English usually takes the cake as the "cool" language to borrow words from. But did you know that these five English vocabulary words are actually [...]

Is English Vocabulary Hard?2020-11-22T12:55:29+01:00

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