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Food Idioms


Learning idioms is a great way to learn a language. Here at Bespeaking, we love teaching you new idioms and their origins, and this week we decided to focus on some food idioms. Food is a part of everyday life, so it's no wonder that food idioms are common in language. Here are some of our favorite food idioms in English. Cool as a Cucumber Someone who is cool as a cucumber does very well under pressure. They're able to keep their head on straight (stay calm) and think clearly, rather than getting flustered (worked up, nervous, spazzy) and confused [...]

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Weather Vocabulary – Easy English


The weather is all around us. The weather has a big impact (effect, influence) on our daily lives. Is it raining? Then you should bring an umbrella. Is it hot and sunny? Then you can wear shorts. This is why knowing some easy weather words is so important. We've written about weather words once before, but there are so many weather words to talk about! This week, we decided to talk about some more easy weather words. Hopefully after this blog you will be able to talk about the weather comfortably (easily, with no problems). Mostly Sunny / Mostly Cloudy If you [...]

Weather Vocabulary – Easy English2023-05-04T09:13:19+01:00

Exchanging Ideas in English


We all have ideas about how things should be done. Sometimes our ideas differ from others and that's ok! What's important is that we have effective ways of exchanging ideas in English. Do you have some ideas that you'd like to communicate (express yourself, talk) to people? Do you like someone else's idea? Or do you disagree with someone, perhaps? Here are some phrases that can help you say what you think in a positive, constructive (helpful for everyone) way. I Couldn't Agree More Did someone propose (suggest) a great idea in a meeting? Or did a friend come up with a fantastic (great, wonderful) plan for the [...]

Exchanging Ideas in English2023-05-04T09:05:12+01:00

How to Talk about Secrets in English


We all have secrets. There are simply some things that we don't like talking about that we would much rather keep to ourselves (not tell anyone). However, it can be very therapeutic to talk about our secrets with a close friend or family member, so it's important to know how to talk about secrets in English. Secrets aren't always meant to be shared (talked about), but it can be a good feeling when they are! Here are some phrases we use to talk about secrets in English. Divulge a Secret When you finally tell someone a secret, you can use [...]

How to Talk about Secrets in English2023-05-04T08:58:48+01:00

Idioms from Greek Mythology


Here at Bespeaking, you know we love our idioms. They're both a great way to express yourself and fantastic for immersing yourself in a language. English is full of idioms, and some of the most common ones you'll hear are idioms from Greek mythology. The Ancient Greeks had an enormous influence on society as we know it today. It was the birthplace of Western civilization, and therefore, also left us with some pretty great idioms. Here are some of our favorite idioms from Greek mythology: Achilles Heel Do you have a weak spot? Some part of your personality that's not [...]

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Blended Words in English


One of the fun things about language is that it's always changing and evolving. New words emerge (pop up, are new) all the time – especially in English with the influence of non-native speakers on English. These new words allow us to say more, or say things more specifically, in an efficient way. In every case, new words change the way in which we communicate with each other. Some of the most fun new words are called blended words. Blended words in English may also be called portmanteaus. Blended words are essentially just two words mixed together to give us one, new [...]

Blended Words in English2023-05-04T08:04:11+01:00

Do and Make Phrases in English


In some languages, the words make and do are very similar, and can sometimes be used interchangeably. However, this is not the case in English. Make and do are two separate words that cannot be used to substitute (replace) one another. But there are some do and make phrases in English to help you remember when to use each word. Make In English, the word make is typically used when you create, construct, or build something. You will often hear the word make in relation to meals (prepared food). For example, you make yourself some lunch, or you ask your partner [...]

Do and Make Phrases in English2023-05-03T15:51:46+01:00

Telling Time in English


It's time to learn some English! Telling time is very important. Knowing what time it is helps us every day. If we know what time it is, we can be at work on time (punctual, at the right time, not late), meet friends, and make plans. So how can you talk about telling time in English? Learning how to tell time in English is a useful skill (talent, thing) to know. If this is something you need to know (or need to review (learn again)), then this is the blog for you! A.M./P.M. In the United States, we don't use [...]

Telling Time in English2023-05-03T15:47:40+01:00

Origin of Common English Phrases


English has so many great phrases in it. They help to color our language and make it more fun to speak! But where do these phrases come from? Knowing the origins of common English phrases can make learning both more interesting and more fun, so keep reading! Here are the origins of some of our favorite, common English phrases. Run of the Mill If something is run of the mill, it's an ordinary, everyday-type thing. If you've had a week where nothing out of the ordinary happened and it was lackluster (quite normal), you've had a run of the mill [...]

Origin of Common English Phrases2023-05-03T15:42:09+01:00

Health English Vocabulary


Last week we covered (wrote about) some English medical vocabulary that you can use when you visit a doctor. But what words should you use for when you're sick? Having the right vocabulary to describe what you're feeling can go a long way when you pay a visit to a hospital, so we figured we would give you some more health English phrases to help you describe your symptoms. So when you're feeling under the weather (sick, ill), here is some health English to help you describe what you're feeling and help you feel better faster. Running a Temperature When you feel [...]

Health English Vocabulary2023-05-03T15:34:45+01:00

English Medical Vocabulary


No one really likes going to the doctor, but it's unfortunately a fact of life. Going to the doctor is something we all have to do at one point or another, so it's important to know what you're talking about when you arrive at the office. With this in mind (thinking about this), we're covering English medical vocabulary this week. We hope you don't have to use any of this vocabulary or these phrases anytime soon, but just in case you do, it's good to be prepared with some of this English medical vocabulary! Allergy Allergies can be very annoying, [...]

English Medical Vocabulary2023-05-03T14:48:42+01:00

Birthday English Phrases


Do you love your birthday? I sure do! It's like a little holiday just for you. Your birthday is a great time to celebrate (mark, honor) you. I know a lot of people with summer birthdays, so I thought it was time to talk about birthday English. Here are some phrases you can use to talk about a birthday. Whether (If, in the case that) it's your birthday or someone else's birthday, these English phrases will help you celebrate in style and confidence. So read on for some birthday English phrases! To Blow Out the Candles It's customary (traditional) to [...]

Birthday English Phrases2023-05-03T14:42:24+01:00
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