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Office Supplies Vocabulary


While fall (autumn-UK) is back-to-school time and parents are running around getting their children's school supplies in order, every Monday seems to be "back-to-office" time for adults. Since we’ve already covered some back-to-school vocabulary in Easy English, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about office supplies vocabulary this week.   A lot of office supplies and school supplies are similar, if not the same, so they're all very useful words to know. If you've been wondering what that “thing” on your desk that makes holes in paper is called in English, for example, check out some [...]

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Spoken English- Easy English Blog


Every language has shortcuts (short forms) of two words put together to sound like one word. We all use shortcuts in our mother language, not because we are lazy (not giving effort, energy) but because we sometimes put two words together so often (a lot), we say them fast. When we say it fast, it sounds like one, new word. In English, this is called spoken English.   Non-native speakers have problems understanding these shortcuts – this spoken English. That is normal! Once (after) you know what the shortcuts are, you can understand the spoken English better.   These shortcuts [...]

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Conversation Topics to Avoid in English


Conversation Topics to Avoid in English When you're learning a new language, there are all sorts of things to keep in mind (remember, think about). New vocabulary, conversation starters, pronunciation tips... there's so much to think about when trying to form a sentence. However, there are a few things you don't have to wonder about at all! Mainly, there are a few conversation topics to avoid (not speak about) when speaking with native English speakers.   Of course, these conversation topics to avoid don't apply when speaking with good friends, but it's always good to test the waters (try) first to make [...]

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Say Thank You to Someone in an Email in English


How to Thank Someone in an Email in English Knowing how to write a proper (fitting, suitable, appropriate) email is an important skill to have in English. We write emails all the time, both in business and in our private lives, so knowing how to sign off (end an email) properly will leave a good last impression on your reader. That's why this week we decided to focus on how to thank someone in an email in English.   In case you've missed it in the past, you can find more great tips in our blog in Formal Business Email language.   [...]

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Cell Phone English – Everything Mobile


Cell Phone English Believe it or not, I love being disconnected from the world. Vacations where I don't have my phone or my data plan doesn't work are my favorite. Everyone is so attached to their phones nowadays (including me!) that I really enjoy being away from it for a few days. If you're learning English, there's a whole bunch (a lot!) of cell phone English that comes with the modern, connected world.   As always, Bespeaking is stepping in (coming) to help you learn some of the finer points of the English language. This week, we're focusing on vocabulary and [...]

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7 Common Marketing Terms in English


7 Common Marketing Terms in English Whether we like it or not, our world is built on marketing. Billboards, pop-up ads, newspaper ads...everyone is marketing themselves nowadays, so if you have a job in sales and marketing, it's important to know marketing terms in English.   Even if you're not in marketing, we're sure you've heard these terms floating (flying, used) around, so they're useful (helpful, good) to know! Read on to learn about some of the most important marketing terms in English.   Brand identity   Brand identity is a real buzzword at the moment. A brand identity is the [...]

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10 Business English Idioms You Should Know


10 Business English Idioms You Should Know Idioms are an extremely important part of learning a language. They're used all the time among native speakers, and more importantly, are understood almost immediately by other native speakers. If you want to improve your business English and fluency, learning these ten business English idioms may be the way to go.   We've put together some business English idioms that you're likely to hear around the office. Add these to your business English vocabulary, and you'll be sounding more like a native speaker in no time. And check out these sports idioms, less common idioms, [...]

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Talk about Future in English: will, going to, present continuous – Easy English Blog


Talk about Future in English: will, going to, present continuous How do you talk about future plans in English- meaning things that you will do or have planned after now? Talking about the future is an important step in learning any language. There are a few easy ways to talk about future plans in English: using will, be going to and the present continuous tense.   We talk in the future tense all the time because we like to speak about things coming soon. There are a few ways to do this. Do you know the difference?   For example:   [...]

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Banking English Vocabulary


Banking English Vocabulary For better or worse (whether it’s good or bad), technology has made it almost completely unnecessary for us to physically go to a bank these days. Most banking can be done online or at an ATM. In fact, I think the last time I physically entered a bank and spoke to a teller (the person who works at the bank) was four years ago when I set up my German account. However, banking is still an essential (key, very important) part of day-to-day life, so it's important to know some banking English vocabulary.   Whether you handle all [...]

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Academic English- The Dos and Don’ts


Academic English - The Dos and Don'ts If you're learning English, you may have come across an academic article or two. This may be confusing for an English learner, as academic English is a lot different from spoken English.   Academic English is quite different from the "normal" English you would use in the office, or even the English we use in this blog! Academic English uses a certain structure that is rarely (almost never) seen anywhere else. It's more formal, scientific, and follows a certain formula.   Now, the tricky thing with academic English is that there are different style [...]

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Common Vacation Phrases in English


Common Vacation Phrases for the Office It's that time of year again and you will need some vacation phrases for the office! Companies are clearing out (becoming empty) and people are getting ready to go on vacation (holiday UK). Whether that means setting your away message (Out of Office Reply) on your email, or covering some shifts to pocket (save) some extra cash, there are a few vacation phrases that can be useful around the office this time of year.   People love talking about things they have coming up (in the future), so asking your colleagues about their upcoming vacations [...]

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Say No in English


How to Say No in English Sometimes, no matter how much you want to say "yes," you have to say "no,” but how can you correctly say no in English? Whether you already have too much on your plate (are very busy) or you just need some time to take care of yourself (do something for you), saying no sometimes is a good and necessary thing.   However, you don't want to be caught in a situation where you have to refuse (reject, turn down, say no to) someone, but aren't quite sure how to do so. That's why this week, [...]

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