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Are you ready to starting learning English online?

Bespeaking offers competitive pricing and guarantees the best, most qualified teachers in the business.
We will assess your level, help you define your goals, and create a plan that is suited to you.

Single Units – Single lessons are best for people who
are looking for 1-1 training or preparation on a very specific topic.

Single: 45€ / 45 minute unit

Bundled Pricing

Our tiered, bundled pricing options for 1-1 lessons are more affordable and allow you to reach your language goals over a longer period of time.

Short Bundle: 10-19 Units: 41€ / 45 minute unit

Medium Bundle: 20-29 Units: 39€ / 45 minute unit

Long Bundle: 30+ Units: 37€ / 45 minute unit

Student Bundle: Special Rate for Children and Students: 35€ / 45 minute unit

All pricing includes any taxes on services.
For Company and Group Rates, please contact us for an individualized pricing plan to meet your needs.