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Businessman using spoken English on mobile phone


Bespeaking will help you to reach your language goals and improve your spoken English.   Here are some of the reasons why our students choose to learn English online with us:

  • “I need to communicate in English for my job. Work and time limitations prevent me from attending a local language school in my area.”
  • “I feel that 'traditional' lessons are too inflexible.  I would prefer to learn in a virtual setting online in a lesson that is made for me and what I need.”
  • “I’m looking for a way to build my English skills, improve my spoken English, and use them actively with native English speakers.”


"Through correction and discussions of texts I had chosen for my lessons, I was able to become more comfortable with my spoken English, pronunciation, and grammar.  

I trusted my teacher -this type of relationship made our lessons effecting and motivating!" 

-Gunter T.

  • “I would like to work with videoconferencing so that my colleagues and I can participate in group language training from different locations at the same time.”
  • “I need to prepare a unique and interesting college or university application, Motivation Essay, or a cover letter for my job application.”
  • “I need to pass an English Certification exam for my university application or to increase my job skills."
  • “I have been relocated by my company to another country where English is spoken in the office.”